Is a spit roast the same thing as a hog roast?

This depends, because a hog roast can be a spit roast, but a hog roast isn’t always a spit roast. A spit roast is the way of cooking whereby you skewer the meat of choice and flame cook the food until it’s ready, while it’s cooking the skewer turns so that the meat is cooked all over and equally. You can have a spit roasted pig, but we have 2 options for a hog roast, the second is to cook a pig in a tray in the oven of the machine and this is a hog roast but not technically a spit roast. The choice of which type you would want at your event is up to your choosing, we think they both have amazing results!

Can you cater in rural areas?

We’ll cater all over, including rural areas; you don’t have to be in a large town to get out delightful hog roast catering. If you’re in a rural area we’re more than happy to come and cater at your even within reason. Anywhere that is accessible by vehicle for our Spitting Pig mobiles to get to is fine, if we can’t access the venue by wheel then there could be a problem. If you have a specific location and think it might be problematic the best thing to do is to phone us or email us with your concerns and we’ll happily look into it for you, even if you haven’t determined that you’re going to use us and are still weighing up all the options.

Are the pigs pre-cooked?

No, the pigs that we cook at your event are cooked on site and very fresh. But pigs take a long time to cook, you’re thinking? They do, and because of that what we do is attend the venue hours ahead of planned serving time and start the hog roasting then. But if you’d like us to bring a pre-cooked pig for any reason we would have no qualms in doing that for you.

Are quotes free?

A Spitting Pig quote is free, always. We only ever charge actual customers who book us for their event, enquiring or requesting a quote is a free service and something that we’re more than happy to do, whether you decide on using our services or not. The quotes aren’t only free, to make things ever better we have no limit on the number of quotes you can make. So you’re welcome to ask for separate quotes for separate menus. Quotes can be requested via the Contact Us page, or you can also start the quote process by telephone or direct email.

Will you clean up after yourselves, or do we have to do that?

Cleaning up after ourselves is something that we consider to be part of our service, you won’t find us running off in the night without getting the cleaning products out before hand and giving any mess we’ve made a thorough going over. We make sure that we’re more than conscious about our presence and noise levels though, and you won’t hear or be disrupted by the team as they tidy up and pack away.

We’ve got 1000 people at our event, can you cater for us?

Yes, we can do that. You might think 1000 is a lot of people and for most companies it will be, but for a hog roaster of our standing with the hog roast machines of the acumen ours are, catering for 1000 people is well within our capability. There have been many events that we’ve catered for with people above and below the 1000 mark and it’s been smooth sailing on every occasion.  We would only need a couple of machines and chefs to cater an event so large.

Do you need experience to use a machine for hire?

No you don’t. There is absolutely no prerequisite for hiring a machine from us other than being willing to pay for the service. The hog roast machines aren’t difficult to work in the slightest and we trust that after being given a brief demonstration on how they work that you’ll have absolutely no troubles with your machine, and we’re so confident that we don’t ask for any sort of cooking expertise from people hiring a machine. The machines are designed brilliantly and they’re almost impossible to break or go wrong with. If you’re worried or not too confident about the idea of cooking with a hog roast machine we’ll happily assure you by giving you a demonstration, or explaining the simplicity of the process by phone. Google is also a great tool and will give you the general idea of how much you need to know, or in this case, how little.

We want to hire, can you provide the pig as well?

We can provide a pig when you hire a machine, although it’s not part of the machine hire pricing on the website. If you were to request we provide the pig there would be additional costs required. Because the price of meat is always changing and the price depends importantly on the size and type of meat, we’re unable to give you a price to fit all. But if you contact us we can easily give you some costs based on the number of people you need to feed.

Can you hog roast outside?

We hog roast outdoors often and we’re just as happy to cook outside as we are inside, in fact a bit of fresh air is always a lovely change.

Do you only do weddings, corporate events and birthday parties?

Not at all, these events are just a little bit of what we do, we can actually cater at any event despite the occasion. We’ve worked with a plethora of customers who’ve had our hog roasts at anniversaries, pub events, sports games, fundraisers and the like. The goal is to make a tasty hog roast available to everybody.