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Hog Roast Abingdon’s hog/spit roasts are second to none and you won’t find another hog roast company who can provide both high quality food balanced with our professional team so allow yourself and your guests to sit back and enjoy without having to stress about the catering. With over 26 years of experience we have perfected, refined and successfully created a unique method of cooking meat and incorporated this into our menus to allow our catering to fit into any event or occasion.  Our skilled chefs utilise of hog roast machines and cook your meat so that the meat falls of the bone whilst staying succulent, tender and of course full of flavour.

Unlike many other Hog Roasting companies, we prepare our meat on-site and will arrive several hours before service time to prepare last minute details, start prepping your sides to ensure freshness and allow plenty of time for the crackling to be extra crispy. Hog Roast Abingdon don’t just pride ourselves on being able to produce the best pork for miles around, we can also offer a vast array of different menu options, all to suit the theme of your event and the needs of your guests. We can also provide an alternative or additional slow roasted meat, including whole roasted chickens, sirloin beef, tender lamb or even fresh fish. Having an additional meat is great to cater for large events where not every guest enjoys pork, we can also offer vegetarian/vegan options, and are more than happy to tailor any of our dishes to allow guests to fully enjoy their meals.


The only rival that Oxford has to be the best-known city in the UK is London. The city oozes with history and is home to one of the most renowned and amongst the oldest university in the world. Oxford University has been home to many influential personalities who have changed the way we see the world today e.g. Albert Einstein – Nobel Prize-winning physicist, J.R.R. Tolkien – Lord of the Rings author and Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn co-founder. Oxford University also allows visitors to take a tour around the colleges for free.

Along with its history, Oxford is great mix of modernity with the fantastic atmosphere of an English village town, so no wonder hundreds of movies have been filmed in our streets. From Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Alnwick Castle to Alice in Wonderland in Christ Church and even Saving Private Ryan which was filmed in Thame Park. With Oxford being the home to Oxford Castle, Bodleian Libraries and The Museum of Natural History there are bound to be a few supernatural sightings, visitors can take a self-guided ghost tour of some of the creepiest areas of Oxford.

Please check through our list of towns which Hog Roast Abingdon have brought our famous catering skills to, if you can’t find your town we’ll try our best to provide our services to you, even if we have to visit a haunted location! Give us a call today or email for more information and a free quote!