Hog Roast Chipping Norton

Hog Roast Chipping NortonIf you want to take advantage of Chipping Norton being the highest town in Oxfordshire by hosting an event outdoors so everyone can enjoy the lovely views, choosing the Hog Roast Chipping Norton team to do the catering will allow you to host your event in any scenic location whilst being assured of receiving an extremely high standard of food. We are primarily the leading hog roast suppliers in this part of Oxfordshire but our forward-thinking approach to event catering and the scope of our menus means that we are a fantastic catering option for a whole host of events, special occasions, private parties and corporate entertaining. We are able to cater for such a wide array of different types of functions because our menus are just as varied as the events we cater for. As well as treating you to an unforgettable hog roast experience, we are also able to offer you plenty of other meats options, all prepared using the same slow roasting method to maximise their flavour and succulence. If you need to accommodate guests with different dietary requirements, we are able to cater very effectively for them through the provision of imaginative vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as gluten-free produce.

Contemporary Menus In Chipping Norton

Hog Roast Chipping NortonThe Hog Roast Chipping Norton team are able to freshly prepare every part of our buffet and more formal 3 course menus on-site in any outdoor environment or indoor setting in the area. We don’t rely on pre-making our dishes nor do we cut corners on the quality of our ingredients in order to supply fabulous feasts in any type of location. Everything we provide will be made on the day using only the best locally sourced ingredients and ethically reared meat. Thanks to our event catering prowess and versatile methods, we are a great catering choice for everything from local festivals to wedding receptions, office parties, birthday celebrations and much more.

Whether you want a rustic feast for a relaxed gathering or a refined meal for a special occasion, the Hog Roast Chipping Norton team have the ability to offer you the best example of hog roast catering in the area, combined with contemporary menus that will appeal to all of your guests.