Hog Roast Kennington

Hog Roast KenningtonFrom the village’s sports clubs to its musical, drama and horticultural societies, Kennington is a very active community. If you are hosting a gathering for a local group or you want to put on an event to encourage more people to get involved, but you don’t want the hassle of doing the catering yourself, the Hog Roast Kennington team are on hand to provide you with your ideal catering package for your event. Providing some great grub always makes a major contribution to the success of any event and if you choose us to do the honours, we will ensure that everyone receives fabulous food and great service. We are the local hog roast experts in the Kennington area, and we are able to offer you superior-quality mobile catering solutions that are very reasonably priced and suitable for all manner of events in Kennington. Our interactive catering style and commitment to preparing our hog roasts on-site makes us the ideal sociable centre-piece for your event, as we give our diners the opportunity to watch our skilled team at work and to enjoy the irresistible aroma of our ethically reared and freshly cooked pork after it has been roasting for several hours until it is falling off the bone.

Irresistible Hog Roast’s In Kennington

Hog Roast KenningtonIf you require food for a special occasion or a more formal party, the Hog Roast Kennington team are equally up to the task. In addition to our trademark hog roasts, we have a multitude of menus available, all of which give you the option of choosing an alternative meat, as well as plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. We can also present and serve your food in your preferred style, depending on whether you would like an enticing buffet so everyone can mingle and help themselves, or a more formal 3 course meal with table service. Regardless of the type of menu you opt for, we will make it all from scratch at your venue whilst your choice of meat is cooking, using only the very best locally sourced ingredients.

If you want fabulous freshly made fare and bespoke catering solutions for any event in Kennington, the Hog Roast Kennington team are ideally placed to offer you everything you need for any occasion.