Christenning with a Hog Roast

What could be a more ideal setting for a Christening party than a picturesque pub in Oxford, by the river, on a bright sunny day, birds tweeting in the trees and the sound of the river gently lapping against its banks? Perhaps the addition of a luscious hog roast, freshly prepared on site, from Spitting Pig Central.

Our most recent event, set in just such an idyllic scene, couldn’t have been more perfect. Our catering party arrived nice and early and began to prepare and salt the hog roast ready for it to be raised onto the spit at the appropriate time. They also set to work on the freshly made crisp garden salad and piquant potatoes that were to accompany said hog, finishing with setting out the tangy apple sauce, accompanying stuffing and freshly baked, delicious smelling bread rolls.

Trestle tables erected and disposable crockery and cutlery laid out within easy reach of the food area completed the picture. Everything was ready to go, all that remained was the people to eat this feast.
With hog gently spit roasting, guests began to arrive and, as is often the case, many were fascinated to watch the hog roasting slowly, basting in its own juices – mouths were watering and tummies were rumbling in anticipation of the banquet to come. Our helpful chef was on hand to answer any questions about the day’s repast.

Our chef carved up the tasty, perfectly cooked meat, along with plenty of succulent crackling and the guests were invited to tuck in. The volume level of the conversation dimmed slightly as everyone savoured the flavours of our tender hog roast, but fairly soon guests were returning for second helpings (some even came back more than once).

The party continued with much laughter, chatter and merriment – a few late guests arrived and were relieved to find they had not missed out on the, by now much talked about, meal as we had saved some hog, salad, potatoes and other accompaniments back for them.
Gradually the party began to break up and the guests got back into their cars to set off for home, with full bellies and full hearts abound, all chattering about what a wonderful day it had been.

To bring the event to its full conclusion, the catering team carried out an in-depth clean up of the venue, leaving not a single item of rubbish behind and the party hosts declared themselves delighted at how the event had gone. Many comments were made to them about both the service and the quality of food served and a few people had asked for our business card, as they had future events coming up and felt a hog roast would be an ideal form of catering.

With not a trace of hog, nor any evidence to suggest our spit roast Christening party had ever taken place, our caterers returned to base, packing away the spit roast and other items for another day and another cracking good party.

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