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We have had an exciting few months of catering here at spitting pig Oxford.
The only downside to the Olympics this year, or at least accessing certain areas was that certain parts had to be shut off. The men’s Marathon was one such event that shut off various areas which meant that access had to be by 11.pm the evening before. It was not a problem with accommodation provided for a breakfast service at 9.00 a.m. This was followed by invited guests watching the Men’s marathon at several vantage points as they looped round a couple of times.
The race was fantastic to watch with huge cheers to all the runners.
The only downside was the security after the race. We had to wait for all the barriers to be moved, stacked . Fortunately the anticipated 11.00 pm time to get out was a lot earlier at 5.00 pm. It would otherwise have meant a long 24 hour shift !!

We also catered for a wonderful job in the countryside of Malmesbury here there is the centre of the James Dyson Empire. We had a wonderful little function for 500 guests. All went well with the rain holding off for the service time – so kind.
As time events pass I always believe that we have covered most idiosyncrasies. Merton College is located in the middle of Oxford. No great challenge until you try and park in Oxford or even worsr unload. It is an overcrowded city with appalling access. However I have never been one to shirk a challenge. There was no parking nearby, only 20 minutes to unload with a College permit.

It all meant that times, equipment had to be precise, controlled and meticulously planned to ensure that nothing was forgotten. The wedding was for 100 guests with canapés outside the College Chapel, main course in the marquee and all followed by an array of cheeses and fruit cake.

A great day , just hard work. What it is all about.

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