Hog Roast Bladon – Hog Roast Rolls Out In The Sun

Hog Roast BladonOn one of the rare days of sunshine and heat the other day, Hog Roast Bladon had an excellent event lined up with long-time customer Ruth for her retirement party. Ruth has been coming to Hog Roast Bladon for years, initially in a corporate capacity having hired our corporate catering services for her work many years ago, but now more recently in a private capacity having brought our signature roasts for her birthdays, or recommending us to other family members for their events.

With the beginning of summer Ruth had set her retirement plans in place meaning she wrapped up work for good just the other day. She had contacted the Hog Roast Bladon team a while back to say that she would be hosting a retirement party at the end of June, so we had a menu and service line up and ready to go. However with the weather as it has been we fell to a back up plan with Ruth just in case the weather wasn’t going to hold for her planned garden party. It pays to be versatile and flexible to sudden changes as a caterer, so Hog Roast Bladon is always ready to switch up our plans when needed.

Thankfully, however, Ruth’s retirement ended up on one of the rare days where we had an afternoon of sun. The morning looked 50-50, but eventually the sun burned through the clouds making for an excellent afternoon to enjoy some hog roast rolls out in the garden. Our freshly made pulled pork rolls – pulled directly from a fresh hog roast – are one of Ruth’s favourites, so it only felt right that we have this dish for ultimate retirement. Prosecco and wine went down by the bottle while our delicious, meaty rolls helped to soak up each glass just in time for another!

Hog Roast BladonIt was a worthy celebration for a worthy woman. From all at Hog Roast Bladon, we would like to wish Ruth a happy retirement and all the best for the future – you know where your favourite hog roast rolls are when you need them!