A Particularly Popular Oxford Hog Roast

Hog roasting in Oxford is particularly popular this time of year and August has been our busiest month to date we have catered for several events weddings, christenings, anniversaries have been the favourite so far this month we serve the country and are so proud to be hog roasters and find it fascination and ever so rewarding! We were catering mid week for a grand event a fashion shop a top shop in the area were hosting a fashion show to show off their new lines we were asked to cater for all involved from the promoters, designers, models and viewing public so on average we were asked to cater for one thousand and we brought extra just as a precaution plenty of meat and we mean chicken and beef a delicious mixture of the finest meats and some nice salad to accompany the meat in the sandwich buns, the fashion shop was really good and in between cooking the meat and preparing the rest of the meal we watched the show and it was a huge success and the first fashion show we had ever been to let alone catered for we love catering for events that we have never catered for before. Spitting Pig Oxford Hog RoastWe were telling all the models to be extra careful as we didn’t want their outfits ruined by splodges of ketchup and just as well we brought lots of napkins with us as they came in useful! We love catering and still summer is here even though it will be drawing to a close before long, we still have a lot of events to get through and we are as usual super busy! Hog roast Oxford machine hire have a full order book right up to Christmas and we have had to employ extra staff these past few months and that can only be a good thing employing more especially in this employment climate is always a good thing and we are going to employ more within the next few months things are really looking up for us and we think we deserve it al too and long may it continue!