Pick Your Summer Menu with Hog Roast Witney

Hog Roast WitneyFor every kind of event this summer there is a summer menu just waiting for it here at Hog Roast Witney. We love the summer months as the weather opens up even more possibilities for our events and menus, so why not come and see what could be on your menu in the coming months!

If there is a summer menu then it has to include a barbecue. Of course, when it comes to those rare days of hot temperatures and clear skies in the UK everyone else always has the same idea, so usually it becomes a scramble to nab the last barbecues at the supermarket, or to grab the best burgers and sausages still left on the shelves. Hog Roast Witney can help you avoid all of that with our special gourmet barbecue menu, however. We’ve got our own barbecue already, and we have high quality, locally reared, meats sourced fresh too. With our chef’s expertise you can get a delicious home style barbecue with gourmet versions of all your favourites, along with a hog roast too, if you like!

For those looking for a lighter menu then perhaps consider our al fresco menu instead. It is inspired by the Italian style of dining – al fresco quite literally meaning outdoor dining in Italian. You get fresh Italian meats and cheeses served on a platter of artisanal breads and delicious oils. Our al fresco menu can also have grazing tables which are perfect for a garden party or wedding.

Hog Roast WitneyThen there is the tastes of the west in our southern slow roast menu. This takes all the smoky and spiced roasts of the American South and recreates it for your own British summer dining. This includes delicious 24-hour aged briskets, smoked ribs and spicy wings, pork butt and more. It’s an all American cook out made in our Hog Roast Witney style, and it is one of the best ways to bring a holiday abroad right home here to you!

So, what is your summer menu going to look like? If you can’t quite decide, then maybe come to the Hog Roast Witney team today and we will help you out!