Dear Judy,

Thank you to George, Dan and Mike for the most delicious hog roast. Dan and Mike did a great job. We did have some last minute takers and we had accounted for that. I am forwarding an email from one neighbor which you will enjoy. We will certainly pass on your name to anyone interested in having a hog roast.

‘Tasting that hog so reminded me of such fond childhood memories when our local pig farmer/ family friend had supplied the hog roast for our Church Barbeque’s 40 miles south of Chicago, New Lenox Illinois.’

Delicious in a word.

We’re really impressed with the job you did, it would be great if we had any other events coming up so we could say that we’ll be using you again, the best I can do is thank you for your help and let me friends and business partners not hear the end of the pig roast!