Hog Roast Watlington Ready To Cater For All Of Your Needs

When it comes to providing gorgeous, quality hog and spit roasts, Hog Roast Watlington is the number one choice, both locally and much further afield. We’ve spent years refining them and our many repeat customers will testify to their great taste, freshness and high-grade ingredients. Nevertheless, we’re also well-known for providing plenty of other culinary options to make sure that everyone invited to your party or event gets to enjoy lovely food too, whether they are needed to satisfy personal tastes or bigger appetites or to secure alternatives needed for those on special diets.

Hog Roast Watlington

Regardless of the reason for a special diet (or multiple ones) needing catering, whether self-enforced or due to beliefs, allergies or intolerances, you can be assured that Hog Roast Watlington will cater those guests just as well as those simply wanting one of our tasty hog or spit roasts. We want everyone invited to be able to eat, so you’ll find various menus to suit various needs and wants, including alternative mains, additional courses, canapés, sides and so much more. Whatever you have in mind, we will do you proud and impress all of your guests at the same time, and not just the majority invited.

Hog Roast Watlington happily catered a private party on Sunday where the host had asked us to provide additional food, as well as an alternative main. When Gary called us to book our services for his 50th celebration, he knew he wanted our sumptuous pigs in buns served to most of the guests, having enjoyed them in the past, but he also needed a vegetarian dish and wanted all of the guests to enjoy extra food. After browsing our various menus, Gary decided on our veggie skewers and sides of our homemade coleslaw and spicy sweet potato wedges, both of which the vegetarians could also enjoy.

On the day of Gary’s milestone birthday, our team cooked up a veritable feast in his back garden, for him and thirty guests, with the hog sizzling away for five hours before being made into pigs in buns and served together with our grilled halloumi and veg skewers and freshly-prepared coleslaw and wedges.