Hog Roast Witney- The Perfect Corporate Lunch!

You may know Hog Roast Witney as the UK’s number one hog roasting company, catering any and all events up and down the county with our trusty machines in tow. But did you know that in addition to catering at private functions and weddings we are also successful corporate caterers?

Hog Roast Witney

The world of corporate catering is often filled with dull buffets and unimpressed guests, so Hog Roast Witney are on a mission to change this! With our hog roasts, your guests will be inspired and want to know more about your business. What’s more, is that our fully flexible catering style doesn’t break the budget and we are able to scale up or down any of our menus depending on your number of guests.

When we were contacted by Dion recently to cater a Hog Roast Witney at her workplace, we were more than happy to help. Dion mentioned when booking that in the past her workplace had tried to put on corporate lunches but they always seemed to flop as the food tended to go down like a lead balloon. Well, this time Dion was in charge of the catering and she was determined to make it something special. After coming across Hog Roast Witney online, she didn’t hesitate to book us after reading the glowing testimonials from our previous customers. We assured Dion that Hog Roast Witney would be more than up for the job and straight away our chef was planning the perfect corporate menu!

For Dion’s corporate lunch, we had prepared our signature menu of Hog Roast Witney rolls. These rolls consist of our slow roasted pork skillfully carved and placed in freshly baked bread rolls. We then top this off with layers of crispy crackling, homemade sweet applesauce and a spoonful of our classic sage and onion stuffing. The perfect corporate lunch!