A Hog Roast Burmington Event Cooked To Perfection!

When Hog Roast Burmington recently catered for Adam’s birthday party, we cooked a mean hog roast to feed fifty guests of friends and family. When we roast a hog, we do so at your venue from scratch, so that it’s as fresh as can be, and it sizzles away for hours on end until perfectly browned on the outside, with crispy, salty crackling, and lovely and moist on the inside, with mouthwatering, tender slivers of pork.

While we can cook a hog to make a plated meal if you prefer, together with fresh seasonal vegetables, your choice of potatoes and our tasty homemade onion gravy, our most popular option is, without a doubt, to make our famously moreish Hog Roast Burmington hog roast rolls. For his milestone birthday, as he was turning 40, Adam had asked us to make hog roast rolls for everyone, and we call these slices of heaven ‘pigs in buns’. Once the hog has cooked to perfection and has rested a short while, we then carve off the crackling into trays and slice up the meat into trays, and then add bits of both to soft, floury bread rolls and wraps, top with our own recipe apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, and then hand over to you and your guests to devour – and then you’ll head back to us for seconds!

On the day of Adam’s birthday party, our chef and catering assistants arrived at the venue, a local hotel, well before all of the guests. We have to get there early to start preparing the meat to be roasted, and then to set it cooking and watch over it for a very long time as it slowly sizzles in its own juices. Once we’d set up our equipment, our chef scored the meat all over in diagonal shapes, added plenty of water and then massaged in lots of salt, and then it was a waiting game.

By 5pm, all of Adam’s party guests had arrived to the amazing aromas of our centrepiece hog, and they all queued up for a tasty bite to eat – Hog Roast Burmington style.