A Monday Hog Roast In Littleworth

We set off on a lovely warm Monday morning for a casual office celebration for a local security firm with a hog roast in Littleworth. We’d hosted an event for them last year and it was clearly a resounding success as they eagerly requested our return. This meant we were greeted by many familiar faces to catch up with. But of course work came first. We set up outside their building much like last year to get ready to prepare our finest food. Shortly after setup the stream of greetings and friendly conversation saw no end, we had a brilliant time socialising with guests, who all had smiles on their faces.

An hour after arrival at the venue we were ready to begin cooking as all food had been prepared by the chef in its raw form, ready to whip up a feast! Although there were only 75 guests there was still plenty to do and as always no room for error. But with our finest chef, the food is always delicious and loved by all!


Although most ask for our infamous hog roast, our menu consists of many other options and on this occasion the hosts requested our melt in the mouth spit roasted turkey served alongside juicy fresh cranberries and homemade sage and onion stuffing. This was served alongside numerous other options such as buttered vegetables, fresh salad and numerous sauces. After cooking, the image in front of us in Littleworth was that of perfection, the aroma was sensational and looking at the food made your tastebuds tingle and made us want to dive in, but the food wasn’t for us!


We were asked to serve at midday and lived up to our promise to do so, the meal consisted of three separate sittings and every time guests adored the food, giving our chefs praise all around and endlessly complimenting the food in more ways than we could hope. Our food had gone down perfectly with the guests and this event was undeniably another success story! The day ended with empty plates and absolutely no food remaining bar a few measly scraps. All we had to is clean down, pack our equipment away and make the short half hour drive back to home camp.