Annual Presentation Evening – Hog Roast Wytham

We headed west last Saturday for a hog roast Wytham and hit heavy traffic even though we had left nice and early as we felt this would be the case. After an hour or so we reached our destination the local tennis club. The club were holding their annual presentation and we were asked if we could cater for the event. We, of course, were more than happy to accept!

We had a nice big room to cater from and catering a hog roast Wytham for seventy-five. We placed the hog on the machine to cook upon arrival and whilst this was cooking we began to make the side dishes. We made some vegetable skewers a very simple dish but very tasty and we roasted some potatoes. We then unloaded the big boxes of salad we had brought and chopped and sliced the vegetables transferring them into huge dishes and drizzling them in a lovely dressing. When the hog roast Wytham was cooked we sliced it into big thick slices and it cut with such ease so moist and tender and the way a pig should be cooked. The event was in full swing and when the awards had been handed out and the speeches over it was time to eat.

The guests helped themselves to the hog roast Wytham and crunchy crispy potatoes the guests were telling us how we had done an amazing job with the food and they could not believe how tender the meat was.The skewers went very fast and everyone enjoyed them; simple food but very tasty.

The proprietor asked if we would be interested in making this a regular thing he said he had caterer in the past but not a patch on us. We said we could and made a note of the dates. We love it when customers rebook us and it seems to happen a lot at events and we know we are doing a good job when this happens. The guests were very grateful for the food and said they were very impressed as none had tasted hog roasted food before so didn’t know what to expect we were happy we impressed and to receive good feed back makes us so happy.