DIY Hog Roast Netherton

It comes as no surprise to us that customers of ours whose parties or events we have catered turn into repeat customers, many of them long-term over many years. It’s what we strive to achieve with a great product and first-class service. Nevertheless, it may surprise you that additionally, we have domestic customers who then enquire about hiring a machine from us, so they can have a DIY Hog Roast Nethertont, as well as professional ones who decide to cater their own events using our equipment. What often most surprises people, though, is that we sell our own machines, too, ones that we lovingly designed and create from scratch in our factory, and that even domestic cooks buy them, to use at home instead of a conventional oven.

Now I know what you may be thinking… How does a Hog Roast Netherton┬ámachine replace a conventional oven? Doesn’t it just cook porkers?! Surprisingly, no, as you can actually cook plenty of different foods in one, as we designed them to act like a conventional oven. You could cook an alternative meat and use the attachments to have a spit roast or a BBQ with burgers or sausages. You can add vegetables, jacket potatoes, new potatoes or roast potatoes to the hog roast tray inside of the machine. You can even cook a pizza if you fancy!

When one of our customers Amelia, a hog roast caterer herself, first used our services, it was for us to cater her husband’s birthday party several years ago. She was bitten by the bug so much that she ended up starting her own events catering company that included offering hog roasts for small numbers. At first, she hired one of our smaller Hogmaster Pro machines when needed, and then ending up buying one of her own.

Recently, Amelia contacted us with a view to buying a bigger commercial machine, now that she has seen the demand for it. After popping to see us, she decided to graduate from her Hogmaster Pro to the Hogmaster itself, a firm favourite of many of our professional customers.

If you are looking to rent or purchase a Hog Roast Netherton machine, give us a call or visit our factory and showroom, to see what we can offer and how we can help with finance, too, if needed.