A Busy Weekend Hog Roast in Great Tew

As the years have passed, the jobs have got closer to home. This was some 15 minutes away at Great Tew. The location is one we have done before, but occasionally they try something other than hog roast. Once it was all set up it was back to base to collect everything for the last hog roast job in Great Tew. This was a 50th party which was taking place after a local cricket match. The hog roast was for 7pm after the cricket teams had left, however the cricket finished early due to rain. We served during the height of the rain which made it all rather slow. This time we had desserts of lemon cheesecake and fresh fruit salad. It was all nice and light and freshly prepared served with plenty of cream. Of course the rain stopped just as we served the last guests. The blessing was the short drive home and a quick change of clothes to dry out.